Empower Materials Inc. is committed to respecting the privacy of your personal information.

You need not provide us any personal information (such as your address, email address, or telephone number) to view these web pages. However, you will be prompted to register if you want to download certain information, send us a question, or request that we send materials to you. Once you register, the personal information you supply will be used to satisfy your request and will also be used by Empower Materials to help us generally understand and track the needs of those using our website. Empower Materials will not sell your personal information to anyone and will not share or disclose such information to any third party except in the very limited circumstances noted below under “Exceptions.”


Empower Materials may use third-party contractors to help us respond to routine requests. Our contracts with these service providers prohibit the use of your personal information for any purpose other than satisfying your request.In addition, if you have requested product information or samples, we may in appropriate cases refer your request to one of our approved distributors for direct response to you. Finally, Empower Materials reserves the right to disclose personal information when required to do so pursuant to court order, subpoena, or other legitimate government requests.

Removing or updating personal information

Empower Materials will use the personal information you provide when you register on our website to help us provide better service to you and for internal marketing analyses. After you have registered with us, you may update or remove your name and/or contact information by using the Contact Us form.


When you register on our website, the information you provide will be stored in a cookie on your computer. A cookie is not an executable program and cannot do anything to harm your computer. Your computer automatically sends the cookie to Empower Materials’ web server each time you access Empower Materials’s website. The cookie, in essence, creates a shortcut so that you will not need to complete the registration form each time you request information from us. A cookie does not allow Empower Materials access to other information stored on your computer. The only information accessible will be the information you provide. Cookies are stored in different places on your system depending on which browser and browser version you are using. If you prefer to change your cookie settings or disable cookies on your computer, you should consult your browser’s privacy options. If you disable cookies, you may need to re-enable cookies for certain online services that require cookies.


Empower Materials uses sophisticated technology to safeguard the security of any information you provide to us. We periodically review and update that technology to ensure adequate and continuing protection of such information.