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Empower Materials in the News

  • CARTS USA 2010 Exhibiting

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Empower Materials of New Castle DE recently obtained ISO 9001:2008 certification. This high quality standard solidifies our commitment to the industries we serve.

Empower Materials of New Castle Delaware has developed a new breakthrough catalyst to synthesize Polyalkylene carbonates, known as QPAC. The new catalyst system allows for a wider range of molecular weights and improved control of the byproduct content. This catalyst also is more effective than the existing system, therefore making the process more efficient and higher performing.

QPAC® Products in New Applications

Recent advancements have been made in formulating QPAC in electronic electrode and termination pastes.  These advancements allow for using QPAC as a binder in metallic electronic inks / pastes.   The use of QPAC contributes to a cleaner more higher performing paste with improved electrical properties.

As a Binder for Metal Nanopowders:

g...if absolutely clean burnout is required, use polypropylene carbonate
(trade name QPAC-40), this is the absolutely cleanest binder for
burnout which decomposes in air, vacuum, or inert.h

April 17, 2004 PhysOrgForums

As a Sacrificial Material for Microfluidic Devices:

gThe heat-depolymerizable, sacrificial materials used for the micromachining process were poly(propylene) carbonate (PPC) and poly(ethylene) carbonate (PEC) from Empower Materialsc. It was found that the decomposition of PPC followed a depolymerization mechanism and left no detectable residues.h

S. Metz, S. Jiguet, A. Bertsch and Ph. Renaud gPolyimide and SU-8 microfluidic devices manufactured by heat-depolymerizable sacrificial material techniqueh Lab Chip, 2004, 4, 114-120

As a Sacrificial Structural Adhesive for a Microelectronic wafer during processing:

As a Binder for glass powder paste for plasma and field emission displays

As a Component of sacrificial structural materials for MEMS fabrication:

As a Binder for Solid Electrolyte Film:

As Binder component of a reagent ink (containing metals and carbon nanotubes) onto a conductive substrate, for manufacture of electrolytic capacitors:

As a Binder for piezoelectric ceramic tapes:

As a Binder for diamond compacts:

As an gEjection Layerh for a laser printing system:

As a Binder for a supercapacitor:

As a Binder for diamond powder and other superhard coatings for bearings and races:

As a Rheology Modifier for electrically conductive inks:

As a Rheology Modifier for producing membrane electrode assemblies for use in proton exchange membrane and direct methanol fuel cells:

As a Component for producing ceramic foams:

As a highly oxygenated Binder for propellants for rocket and gas generation systems:

As a Binder for oxygen reduced niobium oxides:

As a Binder for a light weight metal-matrix composite:

As a Binder to extrude bars for glass frit sealing frames for FPDs:




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