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Empower Materials is the producer of QPAC®, the world's cleanest thermally decomposable binder. QPAC® cleanly decomposes into CO2 and water in many types of atmospheres and leaves virtually no residue. This property contributes to the widespread usage of QPAC® in many demanding applications.


Empower Materials Inc. has moved to a new facility in New Castle Delaware. The new facility contains modern laboratories and an upgraded production area that will allow for continued growth of our business. Please see the contact section for full details.


QPAC® poly(alkylene carbonate) copolymers

QPAC® poly(alkylene carbonate) copolymers are a unique family of innovating thermoplastics representing a true breakthrough in polymer technology. While traditional plastics have been primarily petroleum based, these new materials are derived from carbon dioxide and are produced through the copolymerization of CO2 with one or more epoxides.

The resultant polymers are amorphous, clear, readily processible and have long term mechanical stability. They are also environmentally friendly and consume 50% less petrochemicals, unlike other polymers which are 100% petrochemical based. In addition, they exhibit biodegradable properties.

Empower Materials Inc. is ISO 9001:2008 registered company.

Thermogravimetric analyses in both air and nitrogen show complete decomposition of poly(propylene carbonate) at low temperatures, heating rate is 10°C/minute.



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