Abrasive Tool Hardening / Diamond Cutting Tool

QPAC® binds inorganic powders to metal and ceramic substrates in the manufacturing of a variety of abrasive tools and diamond cutting tools.

Key benefits:

  • QPAC® binders coat metal and diamond powders evenly to metal and ceramic materials.
  • QPAC® binders are excellent as flow aid.
  • QPAC® binders are excellent for granulation of fine powders.
  • QPAC®’s decomposition is uniform and controlled reducing the likelihood of cracks and voids in the final part.
  • Suitable in all sintering atmospheres.
  • Upon decomposition, QPAC® leaves virtually no residue or contamination.
  • QPAC® produces benign emissions; products of combustions are carbon dioxide and water vapor, which are non-toxic, non-flammable, and environmentally safe.
  • Decomposition at low temperatures. QPAC® decomposes completely between 220°C and 350°C, which can be as much as 100°C below the decomposition temperatures of other binders.

Applications include:

  • Construction tools
  • Manufacture of cutting tools and grinding wheels